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  5. "I am running very fast."

"I am running very fast."

Translation:Я бегу очень быстро.

November 25, 2015



What's the difference between бегаю and бегу?


Many verbs denoting movement come in pairs: бежать - бегать, идти - ходить, плыть - плавать, etc. The first verb in each pair is called 'directed', and the second one 'undirected'. Directed verbs are used when a specific movement (in a specific direction) is described; undirected verbs are used when a general movement, or a movement in multiple directions or without a specific direction is described. So, Я бегу очень быстро (directed verb) = I am running very fast. Я бегаю очень быстро (undirected verb) = I run very fast.

Directed verbs usually correspond to a continuous tense. Here are some examples:

Птицы летают - Birds fly. (A general statement, without referring to a specific movement - undirected verb).
Птицы летают по небу - Birds are flying in the sky. (Concrete movement, but in multiple directions - undirected verb)
Птицы летят на юг - Birds are flying to the south. (Concrete movement in a specific direction - directed verb).

Я иду на работу. - I am going to work. (Specific movement in a specific direction - directed verb).
Я хожу на работу каждый день. - I go to work every day. (Repeating movement - undirected verb.)
Я хожу туда-сюда. - I am walking back-and-forth. (Movement in two directions - undirected verb).

Source (PDF, in Russian).


That clears it up, thank you very much.

[deactivated user]

    Бегу́ is a normal imperfective ('I'm running', now), бе́гаю is a frequentative (running more than 1 time, running to different places, running in general). It's similar to the difference between иду́ and хожу́, or е́ду and е́зжу.


    Бегаю - что делаю? (Обычно, я бегаю быстро) Indefinite Бегу - что делаю? (Я (сейчас, now) бегу быстро) Present


    i'm fast as fck boiii


    the list of Russian conjugations says бегать я бегаю is multidirectional and бежать is unidirectional. In the above sentence the meaning could be either

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