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  5. "Я шукаю великий магазин."

"Я шукаю великий магазин."

Translation:I am looking for a big store.

November 25, 2015



you need to be consistent about accepting "large" as a synonym for "big" and "shop" as a synonym for "store". i can't read your minds to guess whether it's going to be allowed in this example just because it was allowed in the last one.


Yep, working on it


What about "I am looking for a great store." When I see великий, I think of the Great Gatsby.


or Peter the Great


That would be чудовий


It is more natural in English to say "I am looking for a big/large store" or "I am looking for the big/large store."


Is it a question or a statement? :D

None of them is more natural. They just mean slightly different things.

Both are accepted here.

[deactivated user]

    I found out from several Ukrainians that магазин is a Russian word and that the Ukrainian word for store is крамниця. I was hoping to learn only Ukrainian words in this course.


    What about "look for" rather than "am looking for"?


    Also looking and searching.


    Technically it is a Ukrainian word, because the modern Ukrainian language was influenced by Russia and other Eastern European countries especially during the Cold War era. Therefore, by this course teaching the "modern" language of Ukraine, some words and phrases will be different from the more traditional language, and other various dialects.


    Not, great, big. According to Google translate.


    The note regarding магазин stated that this was the nominative case. Is this the spelling also for the accusative case...required here?

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