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  5. "Familien valgte den hunden."

"Familien valgte den hunden."

Translation:The family chose that dog.

November 25, 2015



This is more a question about pronunciation... Is the 'g' in 'valgte' pronounced or silent? I know t's and d's tend to disappear at the end of words. If this is the case, then is this the same situation for 'selge'. Tusen takk.


I would guess the 'g' in valgte is somewhat pronounced because you need to pronounce the 't' that follows. The reason I suggest 'somewhat' is that you need to stop the air flow to position the tongue for the 't' the result is a glottal stop (I think it's called) which has a small amount of sound associated with it.

Also in comparison to 'selge' (which can be pronounced either selGe or selle) according to my dictionary the infinitive 'velge' has the 'g' pronounced and does not have the option 'velle'.

Theory aside as our understanding of Norwegian develops we will begin to hear and notice sounds that elude us at the moment. Lykke til!


Why "The family chose the dog" isn't accepted? Given a situation when the family have to choose between a dog and a cat for the children, "The family chose the dog" should sounds the same in Norwegian, isn't is?


The "den" specifies "that" dog. We will have a special skill on this in the next version of the course.


"The family chose the dog" would translate to "Familien valgte hunden".


Why is "that" and not "this"? I understood that for male gender the word "denne" should be used for "that" and "den" for "this"? Did I understood it wrongly?


It's the other way round

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