"Leser hun boken?"

Translation:Is she reading the book?

November 25, 2015



"Does she read the book?" Was the given answer. I entered, "Did she read the book?" And my answer was not accepted. Logically I can only think of someone saying does she read the book when being asked for help, such as a teacher being asked by parents what to do to help with her grades, but it is more likely to hear, "Has she read the book?" or "Is she reading the book?"

Anyone mind explaining this one?


Is she reading the book? is also an accepted answer. Did she read the book? would have to be leste hun boken? DL doesn't necessarily care about what is common or usual, DL just wants a translation of the sentence itself. In this case, if you want to translate the sentence using something common or usual, use is she reading the book?


The issue with that is that it's confusing past-tense with present-tense. It's a silly difference now, but it makes a big difference in other cases.


Don't let her read the Veritas!!!

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