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"La femme ajoute du chocolat au café."

January 9, 2013



I feel like this translation should be allowed: "The woman adds chocolate to coffee" As English offen drops the article from french when speaking in general terms.


This is how I answered and it was accepted, so they must have updated it at some point.


That frustrates. I'm russian and often face problems of "article bureaucracy". I think, tenfef's translation should be marked as "Ooops, may be there must be an article", but not by removal of "heart".


I know what you mean. It's much easier when you don't have any articles.


I totally agree with Bladekona. For many of us, English is not our first language, and Duolingo should not be so strict when it comes to articles. After all, we are trying to learn French, not English.


why is it "The" coffee. Why is "the woman adds chocolate to coffee" not accepted as an answer?


"au" in front of "café" is the contracted article of "à-le", that is why it is a definite article. therefore, if you translate "au café", you have to use article "the". note: in English "add to" - in French "ajouter à"


if 'cafe' (french) can be coffee or cafe why am i wrong for the woman adds chocolate to the cafe.


Because it would not make much sense that she adds chocolate to the "restaurant" (="café")


The woman adds chocolate to the coffee. The woman adds some of the chocolate to the coffee.

You missed 1 correct translation!

Is it reasonable to translate du as some of the. Can du be translated as some of the everywhere.


"Du" (or de la) can be translated like "some". I would hardly say "some of the chocolate", rather "The woman adds some chocolate to the coffee".


That's what I thought.

You can have du/ de le as of the and just drop it or du/ de le as some and leave it in, but it doesn't seem right somehow to include both at once.

Anyway including both at once is what is what Duo says is true.

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