"Мне сегодня нужно помыть зеркало."

Translation:Today I need to wash the mirror.

November 25, 2015

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How do you "wash" a mirror?


Native English speaker wouldn't say "wash the mirror" -- clean, or wipe, or polish maybe. The verb "wash" suggests dunking in a sink or running through an appliance (like a dishwasher), so if you say "wash the mirror" the hearer will think something odd is happening.


Sounds fine to me. (Native English speaker.) Also see: window washers.


There's nothing wrong with the phrase "wash the mirror". Pretty sure that's what I told my son to do this weekend. I can't decide whether I'd say wash or clean more frequently, but wash is not wrong to this native English speaker. Related, "wash the windows" is very common for the alliteration.


washing a mirror is absolutely uncommon in english. you wash dishes, clothes, yourself, etc.


Could this be a regional difference? I grew up in the western United States and I use the phrase. Google returns 2.8M hits for "wash the mirror" and 2.2M hits for "clean the mirror" so both are very common at least somewhere on the globe.


"Clean" was also accepted.


You can also say "протереть" (to wipe)


With a washcloth probably


So, what is wrong with "I need to wash the mirror today"


Nothing wrong with that!


I need to get to washing the mirror was marked incorrect. Is it really wrong?


I suppose some people might say it, but I wouldn't recommend it to any learner as the correct phrase. It also has a slightly different emphasis. If you say: "I need to wash the mirror", it is neutral. If you say: "I need to get to washing the mirror" it sounds like a job you have been repeatedly putting off, or couldn't do because of other things.

Which reminds me: I need to "get to" doing the housework, otherwise I'll waste all day on Duolingo - AGAIN!

P.S. I know it's not really a waste, as learning is never wasted, but it doesn't get the mirrors washed - or anything else. ;)


Thank you for the detailed response. I think I got the gist :)


Even then I would say "Get around to washing the mirror". "Get to washing the mirror" is just such a bizarre construction I can't imagine any native ever saying it.


good reminder, Duolingo, but you won't make me do it, I'm too lazy

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Is "clean up" wrong?


Clean up - прибираться. You can clean up in a room or in a wardrobe but not in the mirror.


Зеркало; фильм Андрея Тарковского

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