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"Мне сегодня нужно помыть зеркало."

Translation:Today I need to wash the mirror.

November 25, 2015



How do you "wash" a mirror?


Native English speaker wouldn't say "wash the mirror" -- clean, or wipe, or polish maybe. The verb "wash" suggests dunking in a sink or running through an appliance (like a dishwasher), so if you say "wash the mirror" the hearer will think something odd is happening.


"Clean" was also accepted.


You can also say "протереть" (to wipe)


With a washcloth probably


I need to get to washing the mirror was marked incorrect. Is it really wrong?


I suppose some people might say it, but I wouldn't recommend it to any learner as the correct phrase. It also has a slightly different emphasis. If you say: "I need to wash the mirror", it is neutral. If you say: "I need to get to washing the mirror" it sounds like a job you have been repeatedly putting off, or couldn't do because of other things.

Which reminds me: I need to "get to" doing the housework, otherwise I'll waste all day on Duolingo - AGAIN!

P.S. I know it's not really a waste, as learning is never wasted, but it doesn't get the mirrors washed - or anything else. ;)


Thank you for detailed response. I think I got the gist :)


Even then I would say "Get around to washing the mirror". "Get to washing the mirror" is just such a bizarre construction I can't imagine any native ever saying it.


I need to wash a mirror today what is wrong here?


So, what is wrong with "I need to wash the mirror today"


Is "clean up" wrong?


Clean up - прибираться. You can clean up in a room or in a wardrobe but not in the mirror.


good reminder, Duolingo, but you won't make me do it, I'm too lazy

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