"Ils mangent du blé."

Translation:They eat wheat.

January 9, 2013



Why does the hover-over for blé give 'dough' as an answer if it's considered incorrect? If it only means 'wheat' that should be the only answer provided!

March 17, 2013


How do you tell the difference between il and ils? I can't hear a difference.

January 9, 2013


Unfortunately there isn't one, they're pronounced the same. You just have to figure out whether it's il or ils from the context of the sentence, although in Duolingo there is no context either, it's just a guess.

January 9, 2013


I wrote "Il mange du blé" and it said I was correct, but it gave the translation as "They eat wheat." I know what they meant, but it's a little annoying.

January 30, 2013


I so translated it to this: "They eat dough." It was considered incorrect, assuming it is not a fluke, how can one tell if it is dough or wheat?

February 10, 2013


Blé is just wheat. Pâte is dough.

February 11, 2013


That's cool, but the hover-over definition also says dough, so that's..incorrect.

February 24, 2013


I put they eat some dough..That's your own translation!!! by the way some of these sentenses don't make much sense who in the world eats sugar or eats dough

March 11, 2013


It's sound like "lait" not "blé" :(

February 11, 2013


I will never learn all these crazy wheat, grain whatever. This is my second try at these sentences... :( why not just eat bread and pasta and cake? who eats grain and wheat after all? just plain silly :(

February 11, 2013


it is possible that they are eating money...

February 18, 2013


I too wrote il and it was correct, but for they it should be ils. Fix this please!

February 23, 2013


As it is a dictation exercise, both il mange and ils mangent would be correct. What they need to fix is the translation.

March 19, 2013
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