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"Do you know where America is?"

Translation:Ты знаешь, где находится Америка?

November 25, 2015



I am wondering the significance of находится here when I thought that где implied where (is)?


Is it not possible to say, "Знаешь, где Америка?" Is that too colloquial?


Doing the multiple choice translation, that is indeed one of the options offered. However, I did not select it, as the offered version did not begin with a capital letter, so I thought: "Trick question! Incomplete sentence!" (There is at least one other exercise somewhere in the Russian course where I've been caught out over something as subtle as whether something had a capital letter or not - which I was supposed to have noticed.) So I thought: "Haha, you won't get me that way again!", and avoided it, for want of the capital letter. Only to find it was one of two correct answers I should have chosen. Sometimes you just can't win. :(


I wrote "ты знаешь где находится америка?" and it was correct. Would "ты знаешь где америка находится?" also be correct?


Yes, it's a bit more colloquial. There also should be a comma before «где».


Suggests Ты but Ты is not in the selection list


"Знаете ли вы, где находится Америка?" should have been accepted.


Why is знаете ли вы, где находится Америка? not allowed?


First time a "select words" has had the first word not capitalized. Makes it confusing.


I was always taught using находиться was overly formal and would sound odd to a native speaker. Is it really necessary?


I was just wondering about the etymology of находиться. To me it's strange that a verb that is used to convey the location of something has the verb ходит in the middle of it, since that is obviously a motion verb. Does the verb have another meaning? Is it just a coincidence?


This reflexive use of находить ("to find") has an exact parallel in German "sich befinden", Italian "trovarsi"


What?! I didn't have the option of 'ты'


in latin letters : " ty snaesh gde nahoditsya amerika" gives wrong answer. where is error ?

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