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  5. "What a smart kid!"

"What a smart kid!"

Translation:Какой умный ребёнок!

November 25, 2015



How about Какой / какая умница! ?


That translation would not take into account the "kid", it would just refer to a smart person in general, not necessarily a child. Although adults are sometimes referred to as "smart kids" in colloquial use (at least in the U.S.) I assume that in this translation the sentence is meant to refer to an actual child.


I understand your point. Given the fact that it does work like that the other way around...

  • умница = clever (smart, wise) boy / girl / guy / gal / person

...I was just wondering whether Какой / какая умница! is an accepted translation of the phrase. I'll try proposing it next time I get the chance.

Thank you for the feedback, A_Russian!

Enjoy your Lingot ;)


In Poland we also say "Co za...", can you say something like "Что за умный ребенок!"?


Я не знаю, будет это соответствовать переводу или нет, но сказать так можно: "Что за умный ребёнок!"


какой умный мальчик ?


Мальчик means boy, not kid/child. You would only use it if you were talking about a boy and not just any child.


Why can't you say Такой умный ребенок?


That would be like exclaiming "That smart of a kid!"—probably, possible, but not what it usually is, and not what it says in the sentence above.

The full sentence saying "This is such a smart kid" could indeed be «Это такой умный ребёнок!» but this is not what we use for exclamations.


like "какой кошмар!"?


Why is it okay to say "smart kid" for умний ребёнок but not okay to say "good-looking guy" for красивый человек?

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