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  5. "What a smart kid!"

"What a smart kid!"

Translation:Какой умный ребёнок!

November 25, 2015



How about Какой / какая умница! ?


That translation would not take into account the "kid", it would just refer to a smart person in general, not necessarily a child. Although adults are sometimes referred to as "smart kids" in colloquial use (at least in the U.S.) I assume that in this translation the sentence is meant to refer to an actual child.


I understand your point. Given the fact that it does work like that the other way around...

  • умница = clever (smart, wise) boy / girl / guy / gal / person

...I was just wondering whether Какой / какая умница! is an accepted translation of the phrase. I'll try proposing it next time I get the chance.

Thank you for the feedback, A_Russian!

Enjoy your Lingot ;)


In Poland we also say "Co za...", can you say something like "Что за умный ребенок!"?


Я не знаю, будет это соответствовать переводу или нет, но сказать так можно: "Что за умный ребёнок!"


какой умный мальчик ?


Мальчик means boy, not kid/child. You would only use it if you were talking about a boy and not just any child.


Why can't you say Такой умный ребенок?


That would be like exclaiming "That smart of a kid!"—probably, possible, but not what it usually is, and not what it says in the sentence above.

The full sentence saying "This is such a smart kid" could indeed be «Это такой умный ребёнок!» but this is not what we use for exclamations.


like "какой кошмар!"?

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