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Display Noun Gender on Hover-Over? Good Idea?

In the German course I'm taking, when you hover over a word, it displays the gender of the noun. I find this helpful for learning the genders of the nouns, and also for "connecting the dots" in my head about the word endings and cases and how they change as a function of the nouns' genders.

I think it would be super useful if the Russian course could add this too. I don't know if this is something they are planning and just haven't implemented yet?

Currently the hover-over feature just shows a translation but I haven't ever seen it display the gender for nouns.

November 25, 2015



Yeah, I think such info would be a good addition. It also would be nice to display the aspect of the verb (and maybe its conjugation type, if the verb is regular).


Petition this to Duo staff? German has it and French


I, for one, would love that. The repetition would help hammer the info into my brain over time!


Nice observation - I would actually want to go one step further than this, though this is probably beyond Duolingo's goal at this point.

I would like an option to ONLY show me the root and the gender/aspect/case.

Sometimes I just don't remember the word but I want to figure out the form on my own. If I hover I get all the information handed to me. Some people would want that. And, depending on what I'm doing that day, I might too. But some days I would rather be able to practice my grammar even if I sometimes forget a word.

It works fine, nothing is wrong, I go to yandex or google to find the root/word and go from there. But it would be nice to toggle that in the app. Though that seems like a basic framework thing and I'm not sure how useful that would be in many other languages.


I also think this would be a good idea!


gender is such an obnoxious hurdle, because it's arbitrary more often than not. any little bit would help, ESPECIALLY hover notes. i lingot thee and support thy request!


In Russian genders are pretty regular though.


Partially. As mentioned in the course, there are exceptions - there gender should be indicated.


Yes to this. I'd also like to see perfective/imperfective on verbs.

Although, I already try to use the hints as little as possible.


Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

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