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Beginners Don't Waste Your Lingots on The Quiz

Just learnt the hard way that I shouldn't have paid 25 lingots for a quiz that's impossible for me to pass at my level (i.e. 6). Just a word of advice to wait until much later.

November 25, 2015



It's not a pass/fail test, it's a progress test. If people don't have a lot of Lingots, then yes, it would probably be better to wait. but the whole point of it is to see how you progress over time. First time I broke two for German, I was delighted, not because I 'passed' or 'had failed before' but because I could see my progress.

It's not possible to fail at it, because it isn't that kind of test.


I understand but at the same time the questions were way beyond my level. It was like testing my level to become a PhD Physicist when I'm only in elementary school.


It is trying to test you (roughly!) over the whole tree. If you get something right, it'll go further down the tree, if you get something wrong it'll send you to easier stuff more or less.

I agree, it's hard when you're a beginner (I have three languages I have failed to even get to 1 with, and that's only of the languages in which I've tried the test, which I have only done in a handful of languages), and if you have limited Lingots then it's probably not worth it.

However, for people who really want to track their progress and/or have a lot of Lingots, then yes, it is worth 25 Lingots, even for languages for which an individual finds it laughably difficult :)


In my case things only got worse. I got a few questions wrong and then started skipping a few when I realized it was not for me. Also there's no feedback on your answers to know if you got it right or not or how close you came.


Yes, the lack of feedback can be unnerving.


I replenished your lingot amount. Wait until you're considerably down the tree before getting another progress quiz. :) Good luck!


A word from the wise. It is not that hard to earn back the lingots spent on a quiz. It can give you some valuable information about your skills and give you a grasp on how you are improving. Also here have some lingots, I have more than I know what to do with.


I noticed I had lots of lingot when I woke this morn. Unfortunately besides Erica I don't know who else gave to say thanks personally...so a big general thanks to you all. I also hope beginners still learn from my mistakes.

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