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"Моя мама была у нас в августе."

Translation:My mom was at our place in August.

November 25, 2015



It could be good to have explanations about the past tense in the "Tips & Notes"

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I'm confused by Было and Была. Which is which and what to use and when?


Oh. It depends on the gender of the subject. Russian past forms behave a lot like like short adjectives (actually, they used to be participles and used to come with an auxiliary "be")


I'm confused about "у нас" here. Can somebody explain please?

(I know/understand "у нас есть ..." phrase)


It's not related to "to have something" (у нас есть...) but to "to be at someone's place" (у+Genitive)

Yes, they seem similar))


Think of it as «у нас дом» and translate as "at our place/home".


I was marked as wrong for putting "My mom was over our place in August"


"at" is missing for "over at our". Otherwise "over our" sounds like she was above your place like a bird or a cloud


In English, it is common to say "come over my place" or "do you want to come over?" Or "let's go over your place". The phrase "Come over at my place" doesn't actually sound correct in English.


Isn't it more like "come over to my place"? I'm in agreement with "do you want to come over?"

"Come over at my place" would be wrong. "She was/is over at my place" would be correct.


It's "come over TO my place" - your second one is correct. Then it's "let's go over TO your place". The phrase "come over AT my place" is wrong, yes. You need to use "to" not "at". Hope that helps!


Where is "place" here? My mom was with us in August should be the translation....


More like "My mum was at ours in August"


It's a common idiom to use «у + person» to mean «у person [дом]», usually translated as "at their place".


I just want to pause here and say I can't believe I just heard that and understood it. Thank you so much Duolingo! :)


"Come over our place" is not the answer but "was over our place" SHOULD be accepted ! i provided thr example to demonstrate that "over our place" does not imply you are in a spaceship or something,above thr property, rather, it is a common english phrase that shoukd be accepted same as "at out place"

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