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A drug is any substance which is taken for person for treating some illness (legal) or for changing some functions of the body (illegal). The illegal drugs have been seen from three points of view, the first it is the point of view of the medicine, the second one it is of the business people and the final it is of the social point of view.

In some countries the dope is legal in some cases, and this drugs are given by the doctors, because these “medicines” help to treat illnesses with hard pains (like some cancer and pain of the bones). If the doctors give permission for that some patient take this kind of medicine and the doctors do several control, the dope should be legal in all countries.

The owners of the cigarette’s industries say that the dope must be illegal, of course, for they this kind of things is a business and a great competition, because the dope is natural and the majority of cigarettes have many chemistry products, and these products are very bad for the body. But if the dope is legalized in many countries the drug war would stop, because would have many rules for the production, marketing and selling.

The dope people is not well seen by the community, because as this practice is illegal, everybody see them very bad. But if in the cities it is make some places (buildings) for taking this drugs, those persons would not have problems in the community, because this places would be such as the discos, and the people that would come out of there would be seen as drunks are seen.

Finally the drug should be legalized because the main problems in the world are for that reason, everybody want to combat against of it but nobody thinks in what is the real problem? If it is the businesses, society or medicine.

By Carolina Palacio Arbeláez

Hace 5 años

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Soy profesor de inglés en EEUU. Aquí tengo algunos consejos: "taken for" --> "taken by"; "the illegal drugs" --> "illegal drugs"; "the dope" --> "dope"; "The drug should be" --> "Drugs should be" Ay, hay muchos errores pequeños. Por ejemplo, "for they this kind of things" no tiene ningún sentido.

Hace 5 años
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