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  5. "Do you see this plant?"

"Do you see this plant?"

Translation:Ви бачите цей завод?

November 25, 2015



Plant can be both рослина (green plant) and завод (factory).


Yeah, I think factory should be the preferred translation of завод, but it seems that they only accept plant in sentences with завод.


We have a different translation for factory so no, it shouldn't be preferred. Завод — Plant. Фабрика — Factory.


Interesting. I had to look up the difference between a plant and a factory. Still, it seems like usage varies between regions, at least in American English. If not preferred, I think factory should at least be accepted. What exactly is the difference between фабрика and завод?


In general фабрика is for light industry production and завод is for heavy industry production.


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. It doesn't help me that in at least one case, Spanish (which similarly has the words planta & fábrica), uses them differently from Ukrainian консервний завод vs. fábrica de conservas (cannery in English).


My definition has also other exceptions. Beer is produced on пивоварний завод, not on пивоварна фабрика, for example.

Here is a comparison Фабрика vs Завод {in Ukrainian}.


It's also молокозавод and хлібозавод


Yes it should! It doesn't matter whether there are other translations or no. The point is that the word 'plant' by itself is confusing as its most common definition is a totally different thing and therefore it could easily make the learners totally misunderstood the meaning of the sentence. Whereas there is no such problem with the 'factory' word. So jmango2 is totally right. 'Factory' should always be the preferable translation for 'завод'.

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