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"Il est trop tard pour continuer cette conversation."

Translation:It is too late to continue this conversation.

January 9, 2013



can't it mean both "he" and "it" in the sentence and still be grammatically correct?


No, "il" would not work. Because someone cannot be "tard" but "en retard" (delayed)


ahhh that makes sense, thanks


Thanks a lot!


@sitesurf, so would you say,"il est trop en retard pour continuer cette coversation."?


"Il est trop tard" is impersonal = it is too late

"Il est trop en retard" has a real subject = he is too late.

"Il est trop en retard pour continuer cette conversation" means that the man does not have enough time left to keep talking.

"Il est trop tard pour continuer cette conversation" means that this late hour of the day, the people involved in the conversation should stop talking.


Shouldn't "C'est" be used here instead, since the adverb (tard) is modified (by trop)? Or does the rest of the sentence change the ruling? I recently read an article on "C'est" vs "Il est", and this exact phrasing was covered.


Thanks for any help!


"c'est trop tard" better translates "This is too late", but it can also translate "it is too late", in a more familiar language than "il est trop tard".

In writing, you should keep the more formal structure, which is the impersonal "il"


Why isn't '...that conversation.' accepted?

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