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Specific French words "strengthened" without even practicing them.

I've been doing 1-5 practice sessions a day in my French tree for the last few weeks and while on YouTube yesterday, I was exposed to "À bientôt!" and noticed that I haven't practiced that phrase, or the words "rien", "tard", "revoir", and "plaît" in a while. So I decided to do one practice session in the 'Phrases' skill a day to increase my chances of practicing them.

After today's practice session in the 'Phrases' skill, I still was not exposed to those phrases, so I went to the vocabulary section to see how long has it been since I last practiced those words and phrases relative to "bonjour" and "merci" of which I see all the time. Next to the words that I want to practice (bientôt, rien, tard, etc.), the program informs that they were last seen a minute ago.

Well no wonder I haven't seen them in ages! For whatever strange reason, the program checks that I was exposed to them even though I clearly was not.

Please look into this glitch, merci beaucoup!

November 29, 2013

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Same thing happened today.

As I was searching through the 'Vocabulary by lessons' section of the 'Phrases' skill, I found out that "bientôt", "tard", and "demain" are in Lesson 3. So while on the vocabulary tab of Lesson 3, I clicked on 'Practice weakest words' in hopes that by isolating the practice session this much, I'll for sure be exposed to those words. Nope. Not only was I not exposed to them, the program claims that the last time I saw the words was a few minutes ago.

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