"Is it our room?"

Translation:C'est notre chambre ?

January 9, 2013



How about est-elle notre chambre?

September 6, 2013


No, the rule: [he/she/it + is + modified noun = c'est un/une + noun] is also valid in the interrogative and negative modes:

  • it is our room = c'est notre chambre

  • is it our room? = est-ce notre chambre ?

  • it is not room = ce n'est pas notre chambre

  • is it not our room? = n'est-ce pas notre chambre ?

September 6, 2013


What about Es-ce notre salle ? since salle is also room. There is no indication from the question that the question is about a bedroom.

March 13, 2015


Why is nos unaccepted? Only notre

July 17, 2015


"room" is in singular, so "notre chambre"

"our roomS" = nos chambreS

July 17, 2015


Could " La chambre, est-ce la nôtre?" work?

September 19, 2015


You may have noticed how Duo can be binary. So, every translation should be back-translatable to the original sentence, in meaning of course, but also in style, register of speech, etc.

"the room, is it ours?" is what you get when you back translate your version, and it is another (more emphatic) way of asking the question.

However, in real life, what you suggest works, although it would be better with "cette" instead of "la". There is a kind of incompatibility between something specific and unique "la chambre" and a possessive pronoun. With "la chambre", you can identify it as "elle est à nous".

September 19, 2015


Okay thank you.

September 22, 2015


@StarryThresh your sentence souds a bit weird in french (I am a french native). You can say "Cette chambre, est-ce la notre ?" It will better

July 12, 2018


what is the difference between est-ce notre chambre and est-ce que notre chambre?

August 23, 2017


Here are the 3 alternative constructions for this question:

  • formal: est-ce notre chambre ? (Verb-Subject inversion)
  • standard: est-ce que c'est notre chambre (est-ce que = is it that)
  • informal/in speech: c'est notre chambre ?
August 23, 2017


So: 'est-ce notre chambre' is accepted and 'est-ce que c'est notre chambre' is accepted, but not 'est-ce que notre chambre?'

October 14, 2017


You missed the verb in "est-ce que [...] notre chambre ?"

If you parse it out:

  • formal: est-ce notre chambre ? = is it our room?
  • standard: [est-ce que] c'est notre chambre ? = lit. [is it that] it is our room?
  • informal: c'est notre chambre ? = it is our room?
October 14, 2017



December 4, 2018
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