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"I cook dinner at home, even though my brother eats it."

Translation:Дома я готовлю ужин, хотя ест его брат.

November 26, 2015



How is this correct? "Ужин дома готовлю я, хотя его его мой брат" it was marked as a correct choice, I don't get it .... [the second part, его его, no eating in there that I can see....]


It is incorrect, you're right. One of those его should be ест.


Same problem here, if it really is one

[deactivated user]

    Yet it insists on being correct. Reporting it.


    Can someone please explain why the option: "Ужин дома готовлю я, хотя его его мой брат" is correct?

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    "его его" is definitely incorrect.


    Then it must be reported since Duolingo presented it as a correct option in a multiple choice question.


    Well, after 5 months its still here... I already remembered it and chose also the wrong "correct solution" in order to have it marked as correct.


    I see that the reverse exercise (translation to RU) has been disabled. Last edit 6 days ago. Your intervention must have succeeded!

    ETA: Yes, we all do have a limited view-only capability for other courses.


    Well, good to know :-)

    By the way, does this mean that you can, using Incubator, partly see to other courses as well?


    'хотя ест его брат' I really don't get it, why 'ест его брат'? There is not even 'moy' how can we know it's 'my' brother?


    What's wrong with Я готовлю ужин дома, хотя мой брат ест его.? Let me guess - word order? ;)

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    There is nothing grammatically wrong with your sentence, but the one offered by DL certainly sounds better. It makes the "even though" part work better by opposing "я" and "брат". You are using the most standard word order in both clauses, which does not stress any particular words in an obvious way. The offered translation rearranges both of them in order to stress "я" and "брат".


    The translation needs to be fixed, it has a redundant его omitting what should be ест. The translation above on this page is correct, but the translation offered on the answer page is not.


    я готовлю ужин дома, даже мой брат его ест


    "Даже" means "even", not "even though".

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