"Чем банан отличается от огурца?"

Translation:How is a banana different from a cucumber?

November 26, 2015

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Ah, cucumbers at last! I studied from FSI's Modern Russian textbook years ago and I got the distinct impression that the Russian diet was mostly cucumbers, rounded out with herring, bread, and shchi. But I've never forgotten how to ask Oleg to slice the cucumbers...


According to my russian insider sources, russian college kids these days have cucumbers and vodka for breakfast. O.o


well.... if we think this through... bananas are yellow and cucumbers are green .....I think....


Glad to be learning questions i will use in real life!


My aunt used to call watermelons "red cucubmers" when she was little. It's not that stupid when you think about it, these vegetables have something in common and even the taste is kiiinda similar...


What the hell, how is that even related to this sentence? I must've been really sleepy writing this nonesense


Lmao, thank you for sharing.

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