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Lingot Store Improvement

One of the questions I've had from students is "what can I do with my lingots". Right now, it doesn't seem like there are many options. They'd be thrilled to be able to unlock a little game or be able to change the design of the page, etc. Are there any plans to add more incentives?

November 26, 2015



Same problem here. There are spaces for 3 bonus lessons. But only 2 lessons are available, and one of them is flirting, which isn't appropriate for children.


I've got students who've been motivated to keep their streak going to earn lingots to buy the Christmas skill that has been offered this time of year in the past. However, that hasn't happened yet this year, and our school's Christmas holiday break is less than two weeks away. I've got some disappointed kiddos right now. Getting tough to keep them motivated, and Duolingo has been unresponsive to the question of when it will be offered.


Why not allow them to give you lingots to "buy" things?

Perhaps you could even challenge your class to get enough lingots to buy something all together!


Hmmm... Mini Games like Practice Quiz


What about a game where you have to play with other classmates where you see how could get more translations than the others.


I have hundreds of lingots and nothing to get with them except more lingots!

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