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  5. "Лучше спать дома."

"Лучше спать дома."

Translation:Better sleep at home.

November 26, 2015



The translation "Better sleep at home" carries a suggestive meaning as in "it would be better for you if you were to sleep at home". Is this what the Russian sentence "лучше спать дома" also conveys? And in that case is the translation "sleeping at home is better" not accurate?

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Yes, you are correct. The Russian sentence does not carry an imperative meaning, at least not without a specific context. So the best translations would indeed be "sleeping at home is better" or "it's better to sleep at home".


In that case that answer should probably be added because I had that and it was marked incorrect. Thanks for your answer


It's grammatically incorrect (at least in American English). You could say: It is better to sleep at home OR You had better sleep at home. OR It would be better if you slept at home. (or ... if you were to sleep at home). I reported it.


I feel this carries the same assumed understanding as the very common, "Better safe than sorry." As an English speaker, I know it means, "It is better to be safe than to be sorry," as a sentence, but we just know what it means. It's a 'sentence' I've heard quite a lot.


I had this same response. My first thought was, "Or what? What happens if I don't sleep at home? That's ominous."


What's the problem with "It's better sleeping at home"?


I wrote "it is better to sleep at home" and was marked wrong. Is this not am acceptable translation?


How can one distinguish "[It is] better to sleep at home" from "Better than sleeping at home"?


"better TNAN sleeping at home" = "лучше, ЧЕМ спать дома"


Thanks. I was curious, because the tip gave both 'better' and 'better than' for лучше. And so I was unsure which to read it as. Is that hint wrong?


These hints are designed to cover a variety of possible contexts, but "better than" doesn't fit into this particular sentence, even though it could fit in a more detailed version:

Лучше спать дома = [it's] better [to] sleep at home
Лучше спать дома, чем на улице = better sleep at home than outside (or literally "in a street")

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