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Cyrillic keyboard and commas

Where are the commas on the Cyrillic keyboard? I'm starting out with Ukrainian, using the official Ukrainian keyboard on Mac, and I'm having to switch to the English keyboard to type commas.

November 26, 2015



Probably depends on the exact layout you use. Windows has the comma on the same key that has a full stop, just left of the Right Shift (⇧) button. Yeah, I know, it's stupid to have a comma require you press Shift (commas are used more often than full stops) but that's how it stuck.

Having done a quick search through Google, I also saw a Mac layout where the comma is on "6". Not sure if it's true because I never used the Ukranian keyboard on Mac :)


Yes, Macs have really odd Ukranian layouts. So a lot of people just download Ukranian Unicode and use that


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#Ukrainian implies that it's on Shift+. (to the left of the right-hand Shift key), but that may apply only to the Windows Ukrainian keyboard.


On my Macbook, a comma is on Shift + 6, and a full stop is at Shift + 7, when I switch to Ukrainian keyboard (:

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