"Leser du det?"

Translation:Are you reading it?

November 26, 2015

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"Det" sounds so much different if you play the single word instead of the sentence. What's up with that?


Probably stressed and unstressed. Wiktionary says when it's stressed, det is /deː/ (sounds a bit like "dare" in English without the "r"). When it's unstressed det is /də/ (sounds like the "Da" in "Damascus"). So here it's unstressed.


May anyone explain why is the last word "det" pronounced different? Is it pronounced like : "Leser du ta" !?


Its my question too


Wiktionary says when it's stressed, det is /deː/ (sounds a bit like "dare" in English without the "r"). When it's unstressed det is /də/ (sounds like the "Da" in "Damascus"). So here it's unstressed. Note too the t in det never seems to be pronounced.


How should one know when to use 'det' and when 'den'. Is there some rule, does it make any difference?


Det means "it" when it refers to neuter nouns - et words. Den means "it" when it refers to common nouns - en/ei words.


So I imagine it would be something like - Leser du brevet? Leser du det? - Leser du boken? Leser du den?


Why is it in some case a sentence starts with Du and in some Du comes as a second word. Please help.


well typically in these examples when du comes second it's a question, whereas when it comes first it's just a random sentence, although in more complex sentences du might be found anywhere


If I'm referring to a book, do I have to use "leser du den?"?


Do you read it? Or did you read it? Do you read it doesn't make grammatical sense.


That's why you should translate it to 'are you reading it'. While it might sounds weird and has rarely used in comparison, it is still grammatically correct.

'did you read it' = 'leste du det' (You'll learn the past tense later)


Unintentional, clever joke right there too. (paste tense later)


'Do you read it?' sounds like a perfectly legitimate question in regard to periodicals, like daily newspapers.

The Independent har meget bra analytiske artikler om Midtøsten på fredager. Leser du det?


i said the sentence perfectly and it said i got it wrong


Why don't we say "den". As I found in last lessons, "det" in objective form is "den". Is it correct?


How would I say "do you read it?"

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