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A Modest Proposal for Latin/Cyrillic

Every day lots of people post about not noticing the tiny little button to switch to Cyrillic. How many more don't post about it, and just give up the course?

Now, if the default can't be Cyrillic (for whatever reason), I propose at the very least that people starting the first lesson have a big in-window-popup screen of some sort that asks them if they want to use Latin or Cyrillic, and clearly and obviously tells them where the button is. This screen should require a response in order to proceed.
I'm sure this could be easily implemented, and it would save scores of forum posts a day asking why the Russian course is in Latin characters.

I know there lots of posts and such about this, but people who are just starting (and not familiar with Duolingo) will probably not read them.
I also realize that this is beyond the powers of the Russian course moderators, but I am hoping that perhaps members of the Duolingo staff might happen upon this and think it a good idea.

November 26, 2015



I definitely had such a window... It told me about the button, pointed towards it and asked me to click "OK" before continuing with the course. It still would be better if it just asked "Do you want to use Cyrillic or Latin writing?" (with a short explanation that Russian is generally written in Cyrillic and that you can always switch between the options by toggling that button) when starting the course (just like "Do you want to do a placement test or begin from scratch?" is being asked). That way everyone would have to make a decision rather than just being confronted with a default.... But the popup is already there and it tells you about your options.

However, I recall that someone said that it doesn't work well if you use the web version of Duolingo on mobile? Something like that?


I know I didn't remember seeing it. I did start with the progress test, and I remember going "my eyes! my eyes!", but then I remembered where the button was (I'd had to use it on Ukrainian when that first switched). I don't remember it telling me.

Judging by the number of questions about it, there are a fair few people for whom it isn't working :-/ I really do think it should default to Cyrillic :-/


It was tiny and some people probably clicked OK without reading.


You could also submit this is as a bug report so that the developers see it.

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