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"Sonraki müşteriye benden üç çilek!"

Translation:Three strawberries to the next customer from me!

November 26, 2015



This sentence makes no sense


I don't understand the English here, is it like a command to 'give' three strawberries to the following customer


Exactly! You do not need to use the verb "give". It is an informal way of saying "Give three strawberries to the next customer." and the "from me" part is basically a Turkish "street word".


Can you clarify if it means strawberries from me, or to the next person from (after) me? Does benden modify the berries or the order of persons?


as benden comes before the strawberries, it modifies the berries, not the persons


The English translation left me wondering what it meant. It would be clearer, though still a weird sentence, to say "Three strawberries from me to/for the next customer." It's actually a bit less weird to say, "to the next customer, three strawberries from me!"


Thanks so much for that info ecerayse. Suppose its a bit like in English 'that drinks on me' but you omit to mention 'giving' more street talk!


So maybe this sentence would be understood better saying "on me" instead of "from me".


I kept looking for a verb in this sentence and there is none.


There is none in the English as well


True, but I did not know that at the time I was asked.


The English here makes no sense whatsoever.


ecerayse gave a good explanation above


No, I'm sorry, you do have to use the word "give" in this example. Otherwise it makes no sense to a native English speaker.


I'm a native English speaker, and it makes sense to me, though it's admittedly a very weird thing to say.


The sentence in both languages makes me scratch my head a little. It looks like there ought to be a comma (or better still, a dash) between "customer" and "from" to make it clearer that it is the speaker who is giving. Otherwise, the text would imply simply that the strawberries are going to the person next to the speaker, with no clue whatsoever about who is giving. Ignore punctuation at your peril! ;-)


This is a very weird sentence.


As benden qualifies what comes after I think I would be better to change the English translation to this sentence so everyone understands what it means. The translation should be only "Three strawberries from me to the next customers".

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