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"The duck eats with the chicken."

Translation:Die Ente isst mit dem Hähnchen.

January 9, 2013



I thought essen was for people and fressen for animals, can essen be used for both?


I thought that too. Can anyone say if that's right?


Is Dem the norm before chicken or is it just that way for this sentence? If so, why? And what is the normal form of "the" for chicken? Bitte und Danke.


Dem means "The" when the following noun is Masculine Dative or Neuter Dative. Here Hänchen is Neuter. If you don't know what that means you should do some revision on the "definite article" as it's important.


What is the difference between Huhn and Hähnchen? Thanks!


Huhn is the common hen/chicken/fowl, Hähnchen is 1) chicken, 2) belittlement for 'Hahn' (cock or rooster), 3) 'a young-butchered chicken of either gender' (wiktionary), according to the dictionary.


well I would say that there are no differences. Hähnchen or Hühnchen is a sweeter form to say Hahn or Henne/Huhn. so chicken could mean both.


I wrote:"die Enten essen mit dem Hähnchen" and it said it is wrong and I should write: "Die Enten essen mit dem Hähnchen" with capital D... most of the times it accepts the answer when I don't use capital letters... is ther a special reason why in this case it was different?


never mind- I understood my mistake...


No such wod inthe dictionary : 'Hähnchen' this shold be Hühnchen , is it?


You're obviously looking in a small dictionary. It's in Leo http://dict.leo.org


I personally think this sentence would work better in Animals, but whatever.


It's indicating dative case, which hadn't been taught when you got to 'Animals' so actually everyone would complain if this sentence was in that section.

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