"The writer sat in the armchair and started writing."

Translation:Писатель сел в кресло и начал писать.

November 26, 2015



Why not в кресле instead, please?

February 23, 2016


Сесть, being perfective, is actually better translated as "to sit down," so there definitely is an implication of movement here which calls for accusative rather than prepositional :-)

February 29, 2016


All clear now - many thanks.

March 1, 2016


Wouldn't you say "sat down" instead of only "sat" in English?

November 26, 2015


Yes you would. That should be reported since simply saying "he sat in the armchair" implies he'd already been there for a while when we started talking about him.

November 26, 2015


feminine gender should be accepted. reported.

June 30, 2018


Agree, there is no indication about the gender of the writer

March 5, 2019


Could написать be used here? If yes, what would be the difference in meaning? Having a hard time still with the perfective / imperfective thing.

November 12, 2017


Perfective verbs describe a single moment in time and have no duration, so you can't "start" doing a perfective verb's action. (nor can you resume it, prolong it, end it, etc)

The imperfective is used here because you're describing the actual process of writing, without a goal specified, and that's exactly what imperfective verbs are for. If the sentence was, say, "I sat in the armchair and wrote down my statement." then you would use perfective because the relevant bit of information is the statement having been written down: «Я сел в кресло и написал заявление.»

November 13, 2017


Is сел and посидел the same thing?

July 19, 2017


No. I'd say посидел is about process in the past, as "had been sitting for a while", meaning that now he is not sitting anymore.

August 18, 2017



August 19, 2017


So they still haven't fixed accepting feminine endings even though this was reported as early as 2016? come on Duolingo!

April 5, 2019


I used the feminine form of the verbs and duolingo marked it as a typo. I'm tired of duolingo oppressing women and apache attack helicopters with misogynist agenda. It's 2016 duo, please respect all 304 genders.

April 5, 2018
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