"У меня велосипед, мне бензин не нужен."

Translation:I have a bicycle, I do not need gas.

November 26, 2015

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please permit 'fuel' here in addition to 'gas'. It is getting increasingly frustrating that my errors here more often are due to duolingo's idea of what's permissible in English is not the same as mine (when mine is in no way wrong), than any actual problems with my knowledge of Russian. The fact that many problems actually consist of duolingo getting English constructions wrong, and that problems are being dealt with very slowly, makes it a rather frustrating experience.


Yeah, it allows "petrol" here but it doesn't allow "fuel", even though that's what we say 95% of the time in england, especially when we're not being overly specific between petrol and diesel.


There are many different types of fuel, and there is probably another Russian word to reflect the generic "fuel" which they don't want to mislead us with.


As it happens, "gas" does not seem to be much more than marginally more specific than "fuel" - "gas" seems to include diesel, whereas "benzin" specifically is petrol. However, a bicyclist doesn't need diesel either, so in this context, being very specific about negating the need for petrol seems odd.

So no, the reason ExSquaredOver2 posts cannot be the case, or it's hamhandedly implemented.


All these denominations are different not only from one language to another, but also different from a country to another, even in the same language. I understand, there will be unfortunately more frustations than necessary.


Good example of the sentense where the "у меня... " construction is used without "есть".


But can we explain why it is used without "есть" in this case?


You don't need есть if it is extremely obvious that you have something, e.g a body part, or in this case, probably the person saying "I have a bicycle" might literally be holding a bike in front of his friends or so.


Oh, yes you do need gas! You need oxygen.

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Touché! More so, with a bicycle :)


Why isn't есть used in this example?


Spoken like a true environmentalist!


I have a bike and don't need gas not accepted for some reason


Does "...мне не нужен бензин?" work?


I had the same question, because this was the structure I used, and it was marked as wrong. I believe this should be a valid sentence structure. Any native speakers want to weigh in?


It accepts it now (may 2021) but I'm wondering if the other order is more idiomatic


I have it rejecting it again which implies to me that it was taken out. Soeven if it's grammatical I guess we're supposed to memorize the other word order.


I have a bike and don't need gas is marked wrong


why is bike never accepted instead of bicycle?

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