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  5. "Det er, hvad der kræves."

"Det er, hvad der kræves."

Translation:That is what is required.

November 26, 2015



"Der" can be used as "is"?


Does "kræves" not mean "demanded?"


required/demanded/needed .. any of those should be accepted if they aren't already.


Do we get this comma structure explained soon? It's...anderledes...


There typically is a comma between the main clause and any side clauses.


Why can't it be translated as "It is what it is required"? It is tricky to know when det is translated as that and when it is translated as it.


Only 'it is what it is required' isn't really an English sentence. It should either be 'it is what is required' or 'it is what it is', although those two sentences have completely different meanings.


True, I must have had a brain fart :D


I tried "it is what it takes". Didn't work. Isn't that the same as "it is what is needed"?


What is wrong with "it is what is required there"?


Well, the "der" in the Danish sentence is not the adverb that translates to "there". The "der" is attached to the "hvad" is part of the subject in the sentence. The grammar of this is pretty advanced and I don't have the skills to explain it. Just know that the "der" is not pointing to a place and does not mean "there".

Your sentence would be translated like this: Det er hvad der kræves/er krævet der."

I found this small video that explains it, along with other things about questions. The video is in Danish though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul85fG7yqwo&ab_channel=DenlilleSprogskole
And this is the relevant entry on ordnet.dk: https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=der,3&query=der


Mange tak, DragonNights. Here's a lingot for your trouble. The lady at Den Lille Sprogskole talked a little too fast for a beginner like me, but I caught some of her explanation, and it did me good to hear Danish spoken. The ordnet site is useful, too. Thanks a lot.

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