"Он читает в её комнате."

Translation:He is reading in her room.

November 26, 2015

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Am I correct in thinking that he is definitely reading in someone else's room? If he were reading in his own room, wouldn't it read, "Он читает в своей комнате?"


I think so but in this special case you would literally say:

He is reading in her own room, which is a funny thing if you think about it.


Unless he uses he/she pronouns in which case it could be his room lol


He is reading in some girl's room.


Yeah, and for sure he is just there to read something ... ;-)


Just remember about the "naked man" trick from how I meet your mother, but in Mother Russia you need to use the "Reading something on her room" trick


That's how it works in Mother Russia =]


I wrote "he reads in her room", but I got an error stating the the correct translation is "He is reading in her room". For what I know, both would be correct... Am I wrong?



Both are, in fact, correct; however, if you made some other mistake in typing, the first correct answer at the top of the list, "He is reading....", is the one which probably will be shown to you.


No, I did no typo. I checked three times before posting this.



I typed the same thing. I wonder if "read " and "reading" makes that much difference in Rusian? I think both should be accepted


Well, if you really wrote "read" (instead of "reads"), then your answer would be rejected, (and corrected to "is reading").


The new male audio is pronouncing «её» like «я» in slow mode. Fast seems OK.


I agree, his pronounciation really throws me.


if комнате is in prepositive form, because it's preceded by в, would the negative version use the genitive form он не читает в её комнаты?


It's still preceded by "в", so it's still the prepositional form.....


Jerry is right. The genitive is used in objects (direct - accusative - or indirect - dative) to express that "there is none of", but it doesn't apply to places (used as destination or location) because it wouldn't make sense to say that he is reading in "none of" her rooms. Hope that made it clearer, and not more confusing...


How come this construction differs (seemingly to me) so much from the one about the baggage: "багаж у меня в комнате"?


он читает у неё в комнате=он читает в её комнате, same for yours. У неё=at hers literally (chez elle if you know French a little).


They're just different ways to say it. My Russian friend tells me "у меня в комнате" feels quicker to say so he naturally uses that, even though both forms mean the same thing. I suppose it could be that "в её комнате" could similarly just feel easier to say for some people. Not entirely sure, obviously.


почему "He reads in her bedroom" неправильно?


Probably because "bedroom" is спальня. Granted, in English someone's "room" usually means their bedroom, but that's not what the Russian text says here. This gets into the problem of literal vs. free translations...


Although in the "select a picture" exercise, the word "комната" shows a bed, hence, presumably, a "bedroom".

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