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  5. "Мы сейчас отдыхаем."

"Мы сейчас отдыхаем."

Translation:We are having a rest now.

November 26, 2015



"we now rest" should be accepted. There is not a single english mistake in that sentence


We rest now would be the standard way of saying this and would be used 90% of the time. We now rest is also correct but would place the emphasis on Now rather than Rest.


"We're resting now," would be used 90% of the time. "We rest now," sounds like English as a second language.


"We rest now" sounds like something you would say in an adventure movie when you are running away from someone but needed to take a quick break to catch your breath.


Yeah, sounds like Gandalf saying it. Which does make it a valid translation


Fly you fools


It depends on the context. "What do we do now?" "We rest now." This would be perfectly valid.


That would translate differently. "We rest now," in your context, is a command. Мы сейчас отдыхаем, is a declarative statement, stating a fact. "We're resting now."


When i first read the prompt, i wanted to put "we're resting now" but it was a word bank and i put "we rest now".


Actually it is how I would speak to a non native English speaker. It is clear, concise and the words are clearly separated. I would never use a contraction like We're when speaking to a non native English speaker because they are very difficult to understand.


OK, then skip the contraction and say "we are resting now." "We rest now," sounds unnatural as if a non-native speaker says it


Duo accepted "We are resting now"

That is much more idiomatic English. "We now rest" is not the way such an even is expressed in American English.

Part of the problem is that simple present is most often used to express habitual or re-occurring actions or events, or to express general states which are not limited to the current moment. "We rest now" speaks to one event only, happening at this moment, which conflicts with the usual habitual usage.

Also, current action or events are usually expressed using present continuous, not simple present: "We are resting now".

I'm not certain of the rule about adverb placement, but "now" generally should go after the verb in present continuous. If simple present is appropriate, "now" appears before the verb, thus, "Duo now accepts "We are resting now"."

I could state this as a general rule that adverbs appear before simple present verbs and after present continuous verbs, but I'm not sure if that's generally valid. It seems to be.


The word choices don't permit present continuous here.


It is accepted now


Standard English usage norms would tend to only use that sentence if it were to give an order to a group (imperative) or as a strong suggestion. It would not be used to describe what is happening at the present time. For that function the preference in standard English would be to use the present continuous/progressive i.e. We´re resting now.


I understand, as I understand sometimes in excercises you find homonyms being accepted as good translation even if in meaning is not the correct one in the final language (for example лук may be inserted in a phrase meaning onion and it may be accepted if I translated as "bow"). I guess this is a similar case: the pupil doesn't know if the guy that created the exercise wants to express this or that meaning: he only cares about giving a valid translation, and I guess this one should be valid.


It isn't valid. "Now" (or rather "right now") makes it clear that this is about a current, ongoing action. "We rest" and "we are resting" are both correct but different sentences. With "сейчас", only "we are resting" is correct.


Why use the more complicated, convoluted "having a rest" instead of just "resting"?


Probably a moderator trained in British English. It's certainly not American English.


Why "we are having a rest" rather than "we are resting" ? Or is there no difference?


Duo accepts "We are resting now".


Why not "we now rest?"


I think "we now have a rest" sound better


Cause that's not proper English. You need to have "we ARE now restING", and a even better one would be "we are testing now", that what I've heard most commonly.


We now rest is correct English. But it implies once only. We are resting is the format that implies this is something that you have done before, are doing now, and may do tomorrow. They now rest from their labour is a common English phrase; but it is usually understood to mean "they are dead". They are resting now, and will continue to rest eternally.


Yes, it is all very testing indeed!


"We rest now" wasn't accepted. Reported 15 Sept. 2018.


That's not a natural construction in English.

If it's now, then we say "we're resting now." If it's not now but at 12:00 every day for example, then we say, "We rest at 12 o'clock."


Agreed. Horrible transliteration. "We are resting now," or "we now rest" are much more reasonable. Will report as well.


You mean translation. A transliteration is using a different alphabet to write a language. Naprimer, pechatat' po-russki angliyskimi bukvami, eto nazyvaetsya "transliteration."


Insisting on this particular translation (We are having a rest now) rather than the other numerous alternatives given in this forum is plainly being pedantic. "We are resting now" seems to me to be a perfectly valid translation.


I wrote "we now rest" because the drop down of отдыхаем was only "rest". I thought it wanted a very literal translation because of this.


By now you should know that it would be just отдыхат. аем means doing


Why does "we rest now" not work?


We rest every day at 5:00.

We're resting now.


Native speaker of American English here, and I've never "had a rest" in my life. I've rested, I've taken a break, I've had a chat, but I've never had a rest. I think "we rest now", "now, we rest" are my top two translations..."we now rest" sounds awkward but literal so I'll take that one too. "Having a rest" seems unnecessarily regional and colloquial. Acceptable maybe, but not the primary answer.


"We're resting now," is an even better translation.


The acceptable answer should be "We are resting now."


"Are having" is ridiculous. No English speaker would ever say this. There are 100 ways of saying this in English, but this method would never be spoken.


Brits like to say that, "have got," "having a rest," "having a look," etc. Americans just say "have," "resting" or "looking"


"We rest now" is proper English, and you will find this phrase or phrases like this in a lot of Western movies or Fantasy (esp Tolkien). But it's not accepted. Reported.


It's proper English, but the translation is a little different. "We rest now," sounds like a command, like you wrote Gandalf would say before they rest. Мы сейчас отдыхаем, is not a command. It's a statement of something that's already happening. "We are resting now." Two different meanings.


The given translation is way to British sounding.


We are resting now


Can this also mean we are on holiday ?


Yes, it can, but with "now" it looks more like a rest.


What is the difference between Ы and и , prononciation-wise


Такси is, well, Taxi. Much like a bee or to see.

Быть is a bit more like it, or to sit.


Why can't I say "We are resting now."? It is standard here in Singapore.


we are having a rest now sounds like a robot learnt English


'having a rest' is something that identifies you as a non-native speaker


"we now rest" is still accepted as at 10 January 2020.


"We are having a rest" should also be accepted, the "now" isn't necessary as it's already in present continuous.

Weighing in on an age old battle - "We rest now" is grammatically correct, but rather means that in the past you never rested, but at some point you changed your mind and nowadays you rest from time to time, but not necessarily now as made clear by "сейчас".


Come on! We rest now is perfect


'We rest now' or 'We now rest' are both acceptable. The translations are generally very literal and, sometimes, unnatural; that's how Duo tends to work. 'We are having a rest now' is more idiomatic in British English and flows well, but the other more stilted offerings ought also to be acceptable. Reporting on 27th May 2020.


Would be wrong to say: We are resting now?


That's the best, most accurate translation!


This is why peoplw think duolingo is stupid. You guys need to fix the systwm


We are having A rest.

This is the official answer but it does not make any sense. In English you say: "we are having rest" and you cannot use now.

Can somebody explain to me why the app wants this particular answer?


Oh my God! No one speaks English this way!! We would say we are resting now; or we are now resting. This is a ridiculous sentence oh, and not common English. At least now I understand why my Russian students oh, and my wife, speak English this way.


We rest now was wrong may 2020


That's different. That's imperative tense. A command or request.

"We're resting now," is a direct translation for Мы сейчас отдыхаем.


Accepted november 2020


I said "we rest now." Wouldn't that technically still be correct?


It's a very uncommon way to phrase that in English. "We rest" and "We're resting" have a slightly different meaning, and the "now" provides context that it's present continuous, not simple present tense. If it said something like "every fifteen minutes," then the simple present tense would be used.


Took my American brain forever to figure out "having a rest"


Rest is not a person, place, or thing. It is an action. It is a verb. You cannot have a rest. It would be appropriate in English to say, "We are resting now"


"We are relaxing now." I think the now is for emphasis as if the boss just asked why you all are just sitting there instead of working. Does it equate to, "we're on a break."?


It is given with help of the tense that it is NOW. So it is definitely not a mistake if it is not there"


The printed text is Мы сейчас отдыхаем but the spoken is отдыхает which is clearly wrong. If I speak incorrectly and say хает then Duolingo says I am correct but if I say отдыхаем then I am wrong.


It sounds like отдыхаем on my device


What is the difference to say, we rest now, or we have rest now, or we are having rest now. To me, it is the same meaning.


As a native English speaker (US), none of these sound natural. As mentioned above "we rest now" sounds like something said in a movie by a non-native speaker as a command. "We have rest now" could be changed to be "Now we have rested", but that changes the meaning from the exercise translation. This would indicate that the action of resting was completed. "We are having rest now" has the same problem. It is not a construction used in English. To my ear, all these usages of "rest" sound stiff and archaic/ poetic. In conversational English, it would be much more common to hear someone say, "We are relaxing now." However, the "now" still sounds out of place. It would only make sense in specific contexts, as in a response to the question "Why aren't you working?" "We were. Now, we are relaxing/ resting." Otherwise, as a stand alone sentence, it would be much more common to hear someone simply say, "we are relaxing."


I agree. As an American English speaker, this is not something I've ever said, nor do I know what it means. Does it mean taking a nap? Or just sitting quietly? Or am I totally wrong, and it means taking a vacation? I have NO idea!


Same if you replace words


"We are having a rest now" sounds very much like British-English and sounds incredibly stilted in American English (at least in the Midwest & Northeast). "We rest now" sounds less weird and was flagged as wrong but has contexts where it would sound reasonable


That would be расслабляемся


I suppose the "now" can be omitted tho, since it is a present continuous


Сейчас comes from the two words сей (this) and час (hour). Had it been omitted, they would simply have said "Мы отдыхаем" but adding сейчас means they're doing it right now, oppose to taking it slow at their country place where they might be doing some work around the car cabin, they are actually sitting, or laying down and resting.


I mean for the English translation the now can be omitted. while in Russian it is necessary


We are having rest now- should be correct


It's incorrect English, an article is needed before "rest".


Is "We rest now" acceptable


Down voting this. Rest is a verb, not a noun. Therefore, one cannot have a rest. Bad transliteration.


The dictionary disagrees with you: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/rest

Incidentally, it's a question of translation, not transliteration. Transliteration refers to writing the same language using a different writing system (for instance, writing Russian with Latin letters).


I do agree though that using "rest" as a verb would have been better. Why would Duolingo choose отдыхать = "to have a rest" when it is just simple and more direct to use отдыхать = "to rest."

It's just as senseless to use бегать = "to have a run" or any other Russian verb this way.


That's not a great comparison, though the less wordy and more literal translation would be better. There are plenty of English speakers (including me) who are equally likely to say either "to rest" or "to have a rest", and there are probably people who prefer the latter. I don't know of anyone who would choose to say "to have a run" rather than "to run".


"We're having a rest," uses "rest" as a noun. In Russian, that would be, Мы принимаем отдых.

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