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"Three hundred, four hundred, five hundred"

Translation:Триста, чотириста, п'ятсот

November 26, 2015



how do I get the line between p'yat and sot? The standard "-" doesn't seem to work


It's one word "п'ятсот" you don't need any lines there


Thank you very much for your reply. Though this is true when using cyrillic I am trying it with the phonetic version of Ukranian (too many problems with the change of keyboard, that I have stopped it). And there seems to be some kind of symbol between p'yat and sot that I can't figure out. When using copy-paste with notepad on the side it does seem to be copied properly. Though I have no idea which symbol it is.


I have no experience with Latin version, but either way it shouldn't require any special characters. If it does - it is very wrong. P'yatsot should suffice imo


you probably relate to pyat' п'ять (5) and pyatsot п'ятсот (500). The difference is no ь in Cyrillic and no ' in Latin version. No other lines needed.

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