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  5. "Туристы обсуждают экскурсию."

"Туристы обсуждают экскурсию."

Translation:The tourists are discussing the tour.

November 26, 2015



Discussion = talking about in English


говорить о and обсуждать sometimes are synonyms. For example

Мы обсужда́ли фильм, кото́рый то́лько что посмотре́ли

We talked about the film we had just seen


I agree, "talking about the tour" is definitely equivalent to "discussing" it.


why экскурсию and not экскурсия? Is it because its the accusative?


yep. Typical feminine nouns (like мама, земля, машина, аудитория, Москва etc.) have a separate form for Accusative (in singular, of course). The ending is у (or ю).


So what is the nominative singular form for this word?


It is экскурсия.

Note that -ия-endings nouns (e.g., химия, Мария, фотография) have a different Dative/Prepositional ending than you might expect:

  • На фотографии моя мама (Prepositional).
  • Скажи это Марии (Dative).
  • Я ничего не знаю о химии (Prepositional).

Usual а/я-nouns have a е there, not an и.


Excursion = tour in English


Apparently, in Russian also


I don't even wanna know how i would've said this phase when i first started


The tourists are discussing the excursion - should be accepted!


Sorry, why is "some tourists " wrong? Wd that idea be better rendered by немного туристов?


немного туристов means "a few tourists". "Some tourists" is wrong because there is no amount specified in this particular sentence - it is just stating "tourists", without quantity. If you want to say "some tourists" it is better rendered as несколько туристов (if you mean a small number) or некоторые туристы (if you mean a specific set of tourists, ie, some tourists in a group are talking about the tour, others are not.)


"Some" can be an indefinite plural marker in English. "Some tourists" is as valid a translation of туристы as "a tourist" is for турист.


Is the audio ok? I hear "туриста обсуждает" in both fast and slow version of the audio. In another sentence туристы was pronnounced better, I've heared the ы there (even though it was still more of an е). Is it me or is the audio a little of here?


Sounds fine to me. Here is how it should sound.


Well, than I probably have wrong expectation of the sound ы. Thank you.


Here, the unstressed Ы is immediatey blended into the unstressed А att he beginning of «обсуждают», which follows it. This is why the quality of the vowel is not at all clear. The total length of both combined is about 100-100 ms, so it is no wonder this happens.


I don't know why, but I keep wanting to pronounce this sentence with an Italian accent.


Why is it wrong: The tourists are discussing about the tour. ?


Why is it wrong: The tourists are discussing about the tour. ?

Because in English, we "discuss a topic"; we don't "discuss about a topic".


From a Slavic root "суд" meaning court of law, trial, or verdict; ultimately from a Proto-Indo-European root "dheh" meaning "to put" or "to place" or also "do", as we get in English.


Hint quotes "discussing" and that is the wrong answer?


I wish the speaker would speak slower and clearer. What is the hurry-we are just learning.


Yes, it makes no sense. You cannot expect people to accurately reproduce quickly-spoken foreign words. It's just the nature of human perception. We repeat what we think we hear, not what we actually hear, and often what we hear is what we're expecting to hear, or what we're used to hearing. The mind can play tricks, and transform foreign sounds into English approximations, so that the end result is recognizable by neither language.


The first definite article can be omitted. I know it's not usual, but it IS acceptable English, duolingo to the contrary. this construction is found in EFL text-books and on EFL tapes as the expected responses to questions about pictures.


Answer was the same as translated


Can Russian also use вылет for a tour/an excursion?


Вылет is when a plane leaves the airport.


Tourists discuss excursions is a. correct translation.


No -- excursions is plural, but the Russian uses a singular word.


Should have been accepted


according to the dictionary эксуксия can also be translated as trip, according to you it is wrong


It can be a trip, if you're talking about a field trip or an educational trip. But the English "trip" by itself is just too broad and by default is not going to mean the same thing that екскурсия does.


tourists are discussing about A tour

tell me where is the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ mistake ? your problem with: a, the and other shit are so annoying rly you should fix it u can get all senstense ok but there is one a missing or one a is A coz you have capslock and shit diesnt work

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