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"C'est le garçon auquel je pense."

January 9, 2013



We're offered one correct answer: "It is the boy I am thinking." This misses the preposition; it should be "It is the boy I am thinking about," since one can't 'think a boy' in English, or in French, for that matter.


I am not quite sure the English is perfectly correct. I would have said "he (or 'this') is the boy I am thinking of (or 'about') ".


I decided to try to keep the heart, so I went for rigid and "proper" English: This is the boy of whom I think (something I wouldn't normally say). It was accepted.

The bottom line here is: the better and less machine-like your translation is, the less likely it is to be accepted... You either can put up with it or you can't... I'm leaning towards the latter...


I feel like this should be 'he's the boy I'm thinking about' or similar, not 'it'


it has to be 'he' in english!


"of whom" is correct for "auquel" here, but when I tried "of whom" in one of the other sentences in this lesson, it was rejected because only "to whom" was a correct translation. Is this just context dependent?

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