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Disclose features to come?

I don't know if this is stupid, you (Duo staff) might have a good reason not to do this, but I just thought that if you did this, on your facebook page for instance, people might not write so many feature requests, if they're the ones you're planning on introducing.

January 9, 2013



Thanks for this suggestion. We try not to discuss upcoming features for three reasons:

  1. Every feature we end up implementing on Duolingo gets tested on a small set of the users beforehand, and a large number of the ideas we try don't work very well.

  2. We don't want to tie our hands by promising something that we may end up not doing.

  3. Once we promise a feature many people will ask when it will be available, and a lot of times we fall behind in our development process.


Yup, I suspected you had your reasons, so thanks for replying anyway!

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