Without explanations, it is hard to know which ending to use when translating to Ukrainian

November 26, 2015


Yeah. I think, you need more listen to and read Ukrainian to understand why we, Ukrainian-speakers, are thinking and speaking like that, why we use the cases of words (the different endings of the words). English uses specific the order of words to show link, dependence between words, but Ukrainian uses the cases instead of it. So, Ukrainian don't need such rigid the order of words like English.

Make sure to read lesson notes. It's gonna be extremely difficult to do this course without them

це правда) it is true some people use only one end for eah form)

Thank you - I was trying to sort things myself, the "luckily" found the Tips I had printed, so I understand the rules although not the logic, ---Thank you all.

thank you - all of you who responded. I tried to think things through, but after a while I found the Tips that I had printed out and finished the lesson.

I understand the rules , but not the logic

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