"Den lure katten spiste leksene hans."

Translation:The clever cat ate his homework.

November 26, 2015

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...and blamed the dog.


why is ''that smart cat ate his homework '' incorrect translation?


Did you know that Isaac Newton did some complex calculations about the mass and distance of the moon, which were eaten by his dog, and he reproved the animal thus: "Diamond, Diamond, thou knows not what thou hast done!" (the dog was called Diamond)


Okay, I thought the adjective was 'lur', so katten being masculine, it would be 'den lur katten'. Where an I going wrong?


take a look at the section marked the definitinve form at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Adjectives


Good question, I think the basic rule must be that when an article and an adjective are used like here before the noun, then the adjective is in the plural form... it always seems to be... why is quite another matter. But we should never ask why? or we would go mad, for example why taxation, why air-dried cod, why the European Song Contest? I think there is no "why".


How about "the wily cat ate..."?

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