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"хороший композитор"

Translation:a good composer

November 26, 2015



Вроде Шостакович, или Чайковский :D


Да, но не забывайте Скрябина ;)


Скрябин = <3 :3


А Рахманинов и Прокофьев тоже. ;)


А Стравинский, Николай Метнер, Шнитке, Щедрин, Мосолов, Хачатурян и т.д. And all the late romantics, of course: Мусоргский, Римский-Корсаков, Сергей Танеев, Балакирев, Цезарь Кюи. And two curiosities, I highly recommend reading their Wikipedia articles: Николай Обухов и Лев Орнштейн.

Sadly, the russian avant-garde seems to be almost non-existent today. I've searched, but all I find is tradionalists leaning on a style strongly reminiscent of Шостакович and Прокофьев, and not really breaking new ground as these composers were. If someone would recommend something edgy and thus challenge my prejudices against the russian contemporaries, I would highly appreciate it.

There's one exception, though, one of my favorites: Софи́я Губайду́лина. Highly recommended. But she's really old. Hardly counts.


Мясковский, Глинка, Вайнберг, Глазунов, Асафьев, и Борис Чайковский тоже. И Александр Гречанинов. Его опера, "Доьрыня Никитич"--очень красивая!!


А Глинка, Бородин, Даргомыжский, Асафьев, Вайнберг, Борис Чайковский, Денисов, Мясковский тоже. И Александр Гречанинов--он прекрасный композитор


Wooooow people here have taste


Не забывайте Станчинский!


Didn't know about this one! Listening to some of his sketches now, very... russian. And I like it. I'll definitely add some of his miniatures to my repertoire. Thanks!


What's the difference between хорошо and хороший ?


Хороший is the full masculine singular nominative case form of the adjective meaning “good”. It can be used both attributively and predicatively: «хороший фильм» = “a good movie”, «Этот фильм хороший» = “This movie is good”. The neuter and feminine full singular forms are хорошее and хорошая, respectively (we are talking about the nominative case here; for other cases you have to learn the adjectival declension). «Хорошо» can be either an adverb meaning “well” («Он хорошо говорит по-русски» = “He speaks Russian well”) or the short neuter form of the adjective meaning “good”. In modern Russian, short forms of adjectives are only used predicatively. «Эта песня хороша» = “The song is good”, «Это стихотворение хорошо» = “The poem is good”, «Этот пирог хорош» = “The pie is good”. All case, gender and number forms included, the Russian adjective has 13 full forms and 4 short ones (not all adjectives have short forms, though).


So would a good female composer just be хорошая композитор? Or is there a female form of the noun?


There is no female form. We say, «Она хороший композитор», «Она хороший врач» etc.


I see. Спасибо!


Interestingly, Enslish has the word "compositor", the Russian for which is "наборщик".


I'm stuck! I type "a good composer" and says it's wrong while offering the exact same as correct! 3 times already, and I can't complete the lesson. Lyckily it's a strengthening one. I hope it won't cause further problems...


Why isnt excellent composer acceptible?


The Russian word for “excellent” is «отличный».


Is it just me or the "р" in "композитор" isn't really pronounced ?

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