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Ё and transliteration problems.

I do not have a Russian keyboard at the moment, and so I'm having to copy-paste these Russian letters here. Cyrillic FTW. I can't handle romanized text.

I had to type transliterated versions of my answers, and I was trying to type "её" as "yeyo". It didn't work. I tried "eyo", and then apparently I had to type "ee". WHY IS Ё TRANSLITERATED AS "E"?!?!?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!

Also, I will forget the word for "experience" now. :-( I can't handle two alphabets for Russian, especially when one of them is Latin. Cyrillic FTW.

November 26, 2015



then install the russian character set on your computer and turn on the "on-screen keyboard." i taught myself how to type using the armenian, georgian, and russian alphabets all this way. to this day, i still run the on-screen keyboard app in case i forget where a character is on the keyboard. it takes considerably less time to install the keyboard than it does to post about it.


Well, I have a Russian keyboard at home. I'm not at home currently.

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