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"Ben evde değilken neden öğretmenim geliyor?"

Translation:Why is my teacher coming when I am not at home?

November 26, 2015



In this instance "home" and "at home" have the exact same meaning, and should therefore both be accepted as correct translations of the Turkish text.


I wrote this in the present tense but was marked wrong, the suggested translation was 'why did my teacher come when I was not at home'. Is that a mistake? I don't think I've ever seen the -iyor tense referring to the past before...


I agree, it seems weird that it is in the past tense. Any Turkish speakers want to comment?


The same happened to me. I put present tense and was marked wrong. The answer said I had to use past tense. I think this is wrong


i think my answer is still acceptable despite changing the order of "neden" and "öğretmenim"


I am not sure why you are translating this into Turkish as there are only exercises for translation this sentence into English :)


I totally lost track of this question that I posted, but I think I was writing the English translation and it gave me a wrong answer. Perhaps I was just trying to stress that I switched the order of the Turkish sentence to cater to a more active English sentence, but at this point I can't even remember. Thanks for replying though!


The apparent "correct" answer mentions "my house" in the English translation while the original "ben evde degilken" obviously does not make it explicit. I protest. It should rather be "at the house" ...


I think you're right


Native English speakers, does this sentence sounds okay to your ear? It sounds weird to my non-English ear. It took me a long time to press enter. Maybe it is because I've never use this kind of sentence.


Technically, the English translation of this sentence is correct, though a native English speaker may not necessarily say it this way. I think if I were to use this sentence, I would drop the "at" and just say "Why is my teacher coming when I'm not home?"


Okay. Thank you for your reply. :D For your information, my answer is exactly similar with the one that you wrote. ;)


Benim yazdığım cevap: Why does my teacher come when I wasn't at home? Soruyu çözerken çıkan doğru cevap: Why did my teacher come when I wasn't at home? Rapor ederken gördüğüm doğru cevap: Why is my teacher coming when I am not at home?

E, pes artık! Kendi doğru cevabınız bile birbirini tutmuyor. Denetleme olayına dikkat edin. Moderatör alırken bu kadar mı çaresizdiniz?!


"Ben evde değilken neden öğretmenim geliyor?" Translation: Why is my teacher coming when I am not at home?


While I'm not at home why is my teacher coming?

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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