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"Mom likes seventeenth-century architecture."

Translation:Маме нравится архитектура семнадцатого века.

November 26, 2015



Bit confused now. I put "мама любит архитектуру семнадцатого века". I thought this was an appropriate way to express "like" in Russian, according to the table of how to say love/like on this website. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11754722 and https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ru/Infinitive%2C-Likes-and-Dislikes


With inanimate objects люблю has a connotation of "I like doing/consuming"


so is his answer wrong? I wrote exactly the same and I'm not sure why it is incorrect


It is not wrong, but, in the given context, «Мама любит» is less common than «Маме нравится».


another right variant of translation "маме нравится архитектура семнадцатого столетия"


In another sentence (Russian to English) you say "almost correct" when the answer given is "seventeenth-century architecture" with a hyphen, yet here your English-to-translate has the hyphen!


Why is it "архитектура" and not "архитектуру"? My understanding is that it should be accusative case... Might be wrong though


Literally, the Russian sentence says, “To mom the 17th century architecture appeals”, архитектура being the subject and маме being an indirect object.


If you were to write "мама любит..." then you'd have to use accusative for the object, but please refer to the postings further up as to why that's not the best solution.

In this case you better use the "Маме нравится..."-construction. ;)

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