"In this book there are a lot of drawings."

Translation:В этой книге много рисунков.

November 26, 2015

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This is an area I don't get. What's wrong with "в этой книге есть много рисунков"?


Nothing is wrong.


Есть is usually omitted in such sentences, as it becomes redundant in the presence of много. But it would not be incorrect to use есть. We will, however, say, "В этой книге есть рисунки" for "There are (some) drawings in this book". The meaning of the sentence with many depends on the intonation. If you emphases много by letting the pitch fall mainly on that word, then the sentence means "The number of drawings in this book is really high". But if a neutral intornation pattern is used, i.e. the pitch fall structure reminds of walking down a staircase of three steps where книге (есть) takes the highest step, много ри- - the middle step, and -сунков - the lowest step, then the meaning is "There are drawings in this book. Lots of them.".


It was correct, the same words up and below, but the machine said "uncorrect". Why? ;)


What's wrong with "много рисунков в этой книге"?


You can word it this way too as long as you emphasize Много.


Много рисунков в этой книге not accepted


When I had this one as a listening question, it took "в эти книги много рисунков" but I see here that wasn't correct. Indeed, it's not accepted.


The button рисунок has to be changed into рисунков, otherwise I can't get a right answer

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