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"Receita de bolo"

Translation:Cake recipe

January 9, 2013



I think "recipe for cake" should count as a right answer.


I think it would be recipe of cake if you where just translating it word for word, but I am no expert, so I dunno XD


Perhaps they are trying to teach us genitive case?


Hi i am Brazilian and the sound of this cake("bolo") wrong, please report the problem


Thank you! I thought it was just me, as I speak European Portuguese and considered the fact que talvez pronunciava-se duma forma diferente em Brasil.


The first "o" of the word (bOlo) is pronounced as in "cOld" and not as in "bAll".


Usually when there are two O close each other in the word you must say the first closed and the second more like U.. ovo, bolo, cachorro, fogo etc..


The beginning was garbled and I heard the "lho" sound at the end of the word. So I thought it was "molho". Every time I try to report the problem, nothing happens when I click "SUBMIT". So I don't know if any problems I've submitted (usually with sound) have ever been reported!


English is not my native. I don't understand, why answer "recipe of cake" is wrong?


Você fala português? Espero que sim. Em inglês, é costume meter os adjetivos antes do substantivo. Como em português a frase «de bolo» funciona como adjetivo modificando o substantivo «receita», diz-se em inglês "cake" primeiro e depois "receita," sem o "of" porque não é preciso com o «adjetivo» antes do substantivo. Agora, se você dissesse "recipe of cake," isso implicaria que a receita pertence ao bolo, coisa que não pode acontecer como o bolo não é humano. Se dissesse "recipe for cake," seria mil vezes melhor («receita para bolo») e isto ainda usa-se em certos contextos como «Encontrei uma receita de bolo.» -> "I found a recipe for cake." Contudo, "cake recipe" é mais comum e o mais usado.


Thank you for the detailed response. It was very helpful.


Why not 'the cake recipe'?


= a receita de bolo


I put the same thing!


Is it just me, or is "receita" pronounced "he-sey-ta"?


«rr» anywhere in a word or «r» at the beginning of a word is pronounced differently depending on where you come from in the Portuguese-speaking world. My family is not too far from Lisbon, Portugal, so we tend to say those letters as voiced uvular trills/fricatives, sometimes voiceless. Some people pronounce them as alveolar trills, similar to the «rr» in Spanish and Italian. In Brazil, it is much more common to hear them also pronounced similar to English "h" or even voiceless velar fricatives like the „ch“ in German.

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Why is cake's recipe not accepted?


That would mean that the cake possesses a recipe, and the cake will make that recipe. Isso significaria que o bolo possui uma receita que vai fazer.


Is receita pronounced with the r sounding like a h?


the recipe of cake is also a good translation in my opinion!


I would also say " a recipe for a cake", it's more natural english.

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