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  5. "Elas leem o estudo."

"Elas leem o estudo."

Translation:They read the study.

November 29, 2013



I thought the same thing, but apparently it means a study like a piece of research. A study into the effects of X and Y.


In English, it is more likely that they would read the report on the study, since study is primarily a verb, and rarely a noun. Even in this case, the study would be something that you do or conduct, but not something you read. At least not until the report on the study was compiled.


How can anyone 'read the study' only Duolingo will know


There has been a study about Amazonian Plants, and the researchers documented it in a big book.

Now those fresh new student girls are reading it.


Still not a natural conclusion. You'd have to input weird context. Much more natural to say "they read the lesson"


I agree with wheelofbart's prior comment. It is the documentation of the study thay they reas, not the study itself.


It's one of those sentences that seems garbage outside of any context in english. It feels very much like half a sentence.


When I was at school, "the study" was a small room where I went in order to study. Does "o estudo" also cover that context?


No, it is not related to a room, but a study, research, survey, etc.


Hi Paulenrique. Thanks for the prompt reply. Can I take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the time and effort you clearly put into the discussion boards. I have only been on Duolingo for about 6 weeks, but have become a bit addicted - which is great for both myself and DL. I find the discussion boards invaluable and I know that I can always count on your input as being 100% reliable. Thanks again.


Thanks a lot for the acknowledgment. I really appreciate it.

That's good to know you've been kinda addicted to DL. It helps your learning! =)

If you have any quesiton, just ask!


How do we know that?


Cause the word "estudo" in Portuguese does not cover that meaning =)

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