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  5. "Это твоя машина?"

"Это твоя машина?"

Translation:Is it your car?

November 26, 2015



In this case, это isn't a pronoun ('this'), but a particle ('is this?'). So, это doesn't belong to машина and is even indeclinable in this case. You could say the exact same thing with 'эта машина твоя?', in which case эта is a pronoun and will be declined along the feminine машина. The verb есть is then implied.


how many ways can you say "your" in Russian and when is it appropriate to use each one?


Wondering that too. Why not ваш or ваше here


[ Your ‧ твой твоя твоё твои ] ‧ singular, familial, intimately polite

[ Your ‧ ваш ваша ваше ваши ] ‧ plural, formal, deferentially polite

Притяжательные местоимения ‧ Possessive Pronouns ‧ quizlet.com/154254410/possessive-pronouns-flash-cards/


does машина also mean machine?


Машина meaning "a car" is colloquial, автомобиль is used in formal speech. The primary meaning of машина is "machine".


What is the difference (in russian) between "Is it your car?" and "Is this your car?" Could Это твоя машина? also mean "Is this your car?"

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