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Catalan for English speakers? ¿Catalan desde Inglés?

I'm a native English speaker learning Catalan from Spanish, a language that I am also learning but am not fluent in. I'd really like to see a course teaching Catalan for English speakers. Anyone who could help this happen?

Aprendo Catalan desde Español, una idioma que no puedo hablar con fluidez. Quiero ver un curso de Catalan desde Inglés. ¿Hay alguien que puede ayuda a conseguir que esto ocurra? (Me disculpe, mi español no es muy buena.)

November 26, 2015

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I wouldn't worry about it that much. Learn Catalan with your bad Spanish. You can only improve both. That is the way I think about it. You'll probably eventually see a Catalan for English speakers course, but while you would have been waiting for it, you could have used what you already know to get stuck in :)



Also, sometimes seeing them side by side can help you differentiate them better. (I am hoping we will eventually get Ukrainian for Russian speakers...)

My Spanish is pretty nonexistent, so I just did enough for the flag ;)


I have a love hate relationship with Spanish... I can read it so easily, and yet when I hear it spoken my head spins. Ask me to say anything and I'll be like "Donde estan mis zapatos?!11"

It is actually really refreshing for me to look at it through the lens of another romance language that I know nothing about (ie Catalan). Somehow, in a way I can't understand, it is less intimidating :)


I guess that it will come eventually after the CA-ES course stabilizes and leaves Beta, but I cannot assure when this would be.


I finished my Spanish tree and instead of doing the reverse tree, I decided to try the Catalan for Spanish speakers course. So far, I really like it. It's a real challenge to think in Spanish.

Terminé mi arbol español y en lugar de hacer el arbol reverso, decidí de apprender el curso catlan por hablantes de español. Hasta ahora me gusta mucho. Es un reto a pensar en español.


Be careful on mixing both languages, they are so close that learning them at the same time can give you some troubles. Anyways good luck!


But that's why seeing them side by side (as flootzavut says) and having to get used to translating from one to the other is so good: you learn to keep them apart straight away! I think doing both from, say, English, would be a worse idea.

(At least this worked for me for French and Spanish. Catalan and Spanish are of course even closer to each other...)


you are right, maybe it's better that way then, never though about that!


I made a long list of things like "penser à vs. pensar en" when I did the Spanish for French speakers course.

Since I'm only about B1/2 in French, these little differences would have made me go crazy, had I not started looking for them systematically. :-)


I agree with annika_a! I've long needed to improve my Spanish. Seeing Catalan and Spanish side by side, and having to "Double translate" (from English->Spanish and then Spanish->Catalan or vice versa) in my head is really improving both my Spanish and my translation skills, as many real-life translators have to switch between multiple languages at once, and the best part is that I'm learning a new language in the process!


I did this with Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and I think it was helpful to learn them at the same time as a native English speaker (this was way pre-Duo - I did this for my BA). I actually learned Portuguese through Spanish before I was 'fluent' and it still worked. My uni happened to do a Portuguese for Spanish speakers course and that really sped up my Portuguese learning. It just reinforced the differences and also made the similarities that much faster to learn. I am currently doing the same thing with the Germanic languages and that's going really well too. Your brain sorts it out in time.

What level of Spanish do you think you have, chilvence? Does level 6 reflect your real life knowledge or have your studied Spanish before? How is your vocab? I am not having a problem learning Catalan via Spanish at all, but then, I have have a conversation in Spanish without problems and my vocabulary is reasonable - like reading in Spanish is mostly no problem. I haven't known every single word (I think I haven't known 2 so far, but one was really obvious from context - I had to look the other up and I am on level 6), but I have known enough that it works and it's really working my Spanish. It's bringing it all flooding back, which is good. I started doing the course in part to learn Catalan, but in part to really have to think about Spanish.


I think learning both at the same time is ok when your knowledge is staggered, for example I finished my Spanish tree a few weeks back and kept working hard so now when Catalan is launched I will be at different levels at each.

Now, the Catalan I am learning relates to Spanish which I find very basic, so I can see the differences clearly without getting mistaken as to which language is which!

Edit: I actually see you are the same :)


learning both at the same time is ok when your knowledge is staggered

Indeed, I was about B1 level in French when I started Spanish, and have been exposed to quite a lot of both already before Duolingo. But since my Spanish is still only at about level A2, and I'm focusing on other languages at the moment anyway, I'm not really counting on getting very far in Catalan for Spanish speakers... It's just a fun thing to try out.


You might want to wait a little bit until you're more confident in Spanish, just so you don't come across any words that you don't know. Once you're confident enough in Spanish, then have at it! I'm only level 8 in Spanish (I haven't done Spanish on Duo in a while, I need to make my tree golden again :), but I've taken 2 years of Spanish, and am confident enough in my Spanish to learn Catalan.


No te sientas tan mal. Piense en ello como un trato 2 por 1.

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