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Suggestion: automatic alphabet switching when writing

I set up a Russian keyboard for the course, but I don't really use it for much other than the course, and it's slightly annoying to have to switch through it (especially since the alphabet is completely different, so I have to switch even for a couple of letters).

My suggestion, if technologically possible, is: on questions that ask you to write Russian text, if the Cyrillic alphabet is selected (and maybe add a button for ЙЦУКЕН vs ЯВЕРТИЫ) transform any English-layout letter written into the box to the corresponding one on the Russian keyboard.

This would: 1. Spare me the switch. 2. Help people with limited computer literacy take the course. 3. Possibly encourage people to switch to Cyrillic. 4. Cancel the precious seconds wasted switching layouts during timed practice.

Спасибо за фантастический курс!

November 27, 2015



I agree, all the back and forth between the two keyboards gets a bit old, especially when it's half a dozen times in a single lesson.


I feel the same pain, especially with many keyboard layouts installed. So, perhaps it is possible to design lessons where one types English in the first half and Russian in the second half.


This has been brought up in the past. If Duo reads the forums, they are aware of the suggestion. So far they have not rolled out any such facility, as you know. Until then, we'll just have to grin and bear it. Do you have hotkeys set to change keyboard layouts quickly?


The app is good for this :) it automatically switches between keyboards if you have one set up for the language you are learning.

(...if we had Russian for the app...)


You can always make a keyboard shortcut for switching between keyboards. You still have to do it by yourself, but pressing two or three buttons at once to switch the keyboard takes only a few seconds :)


It would be awesome if doable! Great suggestion :)


This is a great suggestion! I must add that for people who already have a second keyboard layout installed, adding a third one is a big pain... I really hope Duo will endorse this one.

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