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  5. "Österreich ist ein Land."

"Österreich ist ein Land."

Translation:Austria is a country.

November 27, 2015



I'm still not sure whether I'm supposed to use Land in german anytime I'd use country in english. I mean, in every context.


Yes, use Land in German just as you would use ‘country’ in English. There is also the more formal Staat (m.) which correspond to the English ‘state’.


I think what they mean is can we use it in the sense of a non-urban area, e.g. countryside.


You can use it in that meaning, too.

Er wohnt auf dem Land. = He lives in the countryside.


I wonder why "Austria is one country" was not accepted. ( I.e. "one country rather than a coalition," or "one country, can you give me another example?")


I like how duo won't accept typos anymore. I accidentally wrote "öestereich ist ein land" and it said my answer was wrong. Not even a "hey there's a typo in there".


I accidentally wrote "öestereich ist ein land" and it said my answer was wrong. Not even a "hey there's a typo in there".

I think it generally forgives one typo, as long as the result is not a valid word (e.g. turning "woman" into "womon" would be considered a typo; turning "woman" into "women" would be considered using the wrong word).

But Öestereich has two typos: the extra -e- after Ö and a missing -r-. (And you did not capitalised Österreich or Land, but Duo generally ignores capitalisation.)


Why 'Österreich' doesn't have the 'scht' sound? (at least in the female voice)


st- at the beginning of a syllable is pronounces scht-, as in Stein, Stock, Stab.

-st at the end of a syllable is pronounced -st, as in fast, bist, hast. This pronunciation is also used in words such as hastig (hast-ig) or fasten (fast-en) or Osten (Ost-en) or Österreich (Öst-er-reich).


Austria is a state. Granted. Is it not also a land?


Austria is a country.

"land" is not, in my experience, used much in English, and when it is, it may refer generally to a region, not necessarily a political entity (state, country).


Austria is not a land, as @mizinamo pointed out already. But the "Bundesländer", such as Styria, Lower and Upper Austria... those are lands.

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