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  5. "Я не знаю род этого слова."

"Я не знаю род этого слова."

Translation:I do not know this word's gender.

November 27, 2015



I need this sentence in every language I'm studying EXCEPT Russian!


Well, the ь-nouns can be tricky, but generally Russian is pretty straightforward with that, yeah. At least one rather manageable aspect in this tricky language ;)


This is my Nemesis in German.


TFW you aren't sure whether it's "der See" or "die See" since those two words have a completely different meaning :P.


That is a very useful sentence!

They didn't bother to teach that in the Irish course.


Hmm... Gender of the word. Any not native English confused here?


When playing this sentence at slow speed, the word слОва is pronounced словА. At fast speed, it sounds ok.


the possessive "'s" only applies to animated possessors, living beings. "a word's gender" does not feel right. "the gender of a word", or "a word gender" should be the correct way, but the latter isn't accepted


I would normally say "the word's gender." "The gender of the word" also works, might sound better and be more correct, but takes longer to say. But "word gender" sounds strange. I'm a native of the US.


it should be "gender of the noun". other words do not have a gender, they may reflect one though.

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