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  5. "не интересно"

"не интересно"

Translation:not interesting

November 27, 2015



И можно uninteresting?


Since интересно is a predicate adjective, I read it as "(It is) not interesting" The issue remains unanswered as to whom it is not interesting: me, them, anyone, everyone. Or if it's stating an opinion that I don't think it's interesting to anyone.


I believe it means the same thing so if it's not accepted, report it.

[deactivated user]

    Theoretically, uninteresting would corresponds to «неинтересно». :D However, I'm not sure this distinction makes any sense.


    The distinction makes sense. Мне не интересно, а скучно. Это неинтересно.

    [deactivated user]

      Yeah, I know that rule. But does this rule reflect the inherent difference in the language, or is it just an orthographic rule? I personally don't know.


      It seems like the question would boil down to whether не carries separate stress, no? It seems the answer to that is yes (it always does?) http://masterrussian.com/aa022401a.shtml)

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